Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update 26 June

1. Implemented Text-Box bounding box with Rotation.
2. Added Paragraphs and Spans.
3. Paragraph Align property and Span font size, face, color, bold, italic, underline, strike through, all caps, subscript, superscript are implemented.
4.Text is properly implemented with all the major properties being output.Indentation, alignment etc.
5. Now multiple pages can also properly converted.

1. Some properties like in paragraph align we have "force-justify" is implemented as justify only.
2. There a Span property "reverse" ( which reverse the color of text, so that text can be visible on dark background and vice versa), i don't know how to output it. ( Neither have parsed it now).
3. Span property "smallcaps" which I added but it not output now properly.
4. Span property "kerning or char spacing" is not being output as expected, because in pagemaker a character can overlap other as with negative kerning and odg takes at condensed spacing only.
5. There is a text property called Tracking basically letter spacing. In pagemaker it is defined as :
NoTrack, Loose, VeryLoose, Normal, Tight and VeryTight.
In the pmd file only a half-word mentioning this is there but there is no details about the value of letter spacing, means Pagemaker must be having some default values. They are need to be determined.
6. About the small-caps, there is a property called small-caps size in percentage. So, i think for the text having small-caps property, will be looking on it soon.

Next :

I would be working shaping text for non-rectangles.

Would be implementing images/bitmaps.

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  1. Thank you for creating PageMaker filter for Libreoffice. Further, at future, we will need what you created.