Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Update June 10, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I am working on implementing the import filter from the start of May and till now following are achieved :
  • Reverse Engineered about the encoding of various shapes ( line, rectangle, polygon, ellipse)  in the pmd file format, using oletoy.
  • Parsing of various shape transformations such as Rotation and Skew.
  • Implementation of proper geometry and output the shapes to open document format.
  • Rotation and Skew is implemented for the shapes. So, that basic skeleton of all the shapes are ready.
  • Fill and Stroke are reverse engineered and parsing is done.
  • Solid Fill and Normal Stroke for shapes are output properly.

    Some issues :
  • Ellipse Skew Output is not perfect yet.
  • Fill patterns are to be implemented. ( Bars, Tilted lines, Grids etc.)
  • Stroke patterns are to be implemented. ( Dashed array, multi line stroke etc.)
  • Stroke are not output properly, Pagemaker  stroke overlaps the shape where as open document format adds stroke on the outside the shape. ( To reproduce the problem , try a custom stroke on a rectangle with width 40pt and then convert).
  • Fill doesn't work fine for open polygon.

    What's Next :
  • I am fixing the issues mentioned above.
  • Working on implementing the text boxes and probably by the week end (  June 15, 2014) , it will be done.

You can find a pagemaker file and a converted odg file here :




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